Applying For A Job? Here’s How To Stand Out

Applying For A Job? Here’s How To Stand Out

From time to time in life, it’s necessary to apply for new opportunities. However, those opportunities are very likely to be fought over by numerous applicants – especially if they’re worth going after.

With the modern job market the way that it is, it’s very advisable to take every possible step to make your application stand out from the sea of candidates available to the recruiter. 

In this post, we’re going to look at some great tips to help you present your application in the best possible light – and outshine the other applicants in the process.

Get a funky CV

In a sea of bland Microsoft Word template CVs (resumes), you can turn heads with an elegant piece of graphic design or an unusual layout.

If you’re not a good designer, this needn’t hinder you – you can always look around online for free templates that are a bit out of the ordinary, or even enlist the help of somebody on Fiverr to help you put together something snazzy.

Just be sure to use something that still looks professional and which fits your personality – there’s a fine line between making a bold impression and looking like a clown with a ridiculous application. 

If in doubt, ask some of your friends what they think. But remember: making a statement with an unusual application always runs the risk that somebody will hate it. That’s the inevitable corollary of making something unique enough that somebody could absolutely love it. You can’t please everybody, and the recruiters who don’t like your creative approach probably wouldn’t be a good professional fit with you anyway. 

Tailor your applications to the roles

You can’t really take a one-size-fits-all approach to job applications if you’re serious about being successful and landing a really juicy new opportunity. 

Instead, take the time to tweak your CV, cover letter and other application material to give a specialised response to the vacancy advertisement. Use the wording in the job listing as the basis for editing your material, taking note of their bullet points of things they want to see and adapting your language to appeal to their needs. 

Unfortunately for a lazy job seeker, a seasoned recruiter can usually spot a copypasta application a mile away. If they cotton on, it will give them the impression that you may not be taking the application as seriously as some of the other candidates, who may have submitted carefully handcrafted entries.

Even if the recruiter doesn’t catch the whiff of copypasta, it’s just not a great idea. Why not customise your application to make it as good as possible? Why not have the best possible go at getting your dream job? 

Create an online portfolio

Depending on your industry, you may feel that having an online presence to back up your CV and application letter would be appropriate. 

This can be a great way to stand out. Having your own domain name and a classy website can really elevate you from the standard of the other applicants, and it shows initiative and professionalism. 

For top marks, it’s a great idea to make sure your CV and letter have a consistent design with your website. This gives a really organised and stylish effect when the recruiter looks at your submission. 

Show your personality

In today’s highly competitive job market, recruiters get an enormous number of applications for every vacancy. 

Many of the numerous applications are likely to be well qualified for the role, so what else separates them? Given multiple candidates who could all do the job ‘on paper’, the recruiter is likely to be the most interested in the one who, personality-wise, seems like they would be the best fit for the team. 

Many recruiters feel that professional skills can often be added to a candidate with later training, but finding the right personality to fit the team is something you have to get right at the hiring stage. 

Therefore, it can be good to not just submit a clinical, matter-of-fact application listing your qualifications and experience, but also to include some evidence of your personality. This might be through a quirky design, a short list of interesting-sounding hobbies, a friendly-sounding cover letter – or even a video application.

When applying for a new job, standing out from the crowd is absolutely crucial. And at the end of the day, a serious applicant should seek to do whatever they can to elevate their entry into the upper tier.

By upgrading your CV design, tailoring your application to every vacancy, creating an online presence and showcasing your personality, you can level up your job application and present yourself as a serious contender for the recruiter’s attention. 

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